Eternal rest grant unto them, and let perpetual light shine upon them...

Interment Choices

Mt. Calvary Cemetery offers a variety of traditional burial options across our beautiful hillside. Spaces may be purchased in single, double, and family lots. Additionally, sites that allow for the installation of family mausoleums or crypts are available in designated areas.

Perpetual care of your selected site is guaranteed through our perpetual care fund designated for the everlasting care of the cemetery.


Interment in a grave remains the most widely used form of burial. Graves are generally of two types, either permitting a lawn level marker, or a raised monument. When a family monument lot is chosen, the minimum sized lot is four graves. Monument type graves are more expensive since they require more space. Future care of all graves is included in the purchase price.

Shared Family Memorials (Upright Monument)

This feature consists of either two or four graves with a large, above ground monument that was designed and erected by the cemetery with a specific theme in mind.

Crypts/Niches (Above-Ground Burial)

Crypts/Niches are available for above ground burial either in interior or exterior settings. The first mausoleum was built in 353 BC for King Mausolus, from whose name the word “mausoleum” was derived. Scripture tells us that Joseph of Arimathea “went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. He then took it down, wrapped it in a shroud and put him in a tomb which was hewn in stone in which no one had yet been laid.” (Luke 23:52-54).  Throughout the Church’s history, mausoleum-style entombment has been utilized. Early Christians were buried in the catacombs.

Crypts/Niches are available for above ground burial either in interior or exterior settings. Above-ground options include:

  • Mausoleum (crypts)
  • Holy Spirit Mausoleum
  • Coronation Mausoleum
  • Resurrection Mausoleum
  • Sorrowful Mysteries Mausoleum


Individual structures designed to hold cremains.


Shared Mausoleum space for cremains.

Private Mausoleum

Structure that provides a quiet, private, and dignified space for families to be laid.  Structures are designed to reflect the family’s personality and tastes.

Monuments and Memorials

Memorials Are Private Property Owned By Each Individual

Memorials are not insured by the cemetery against damage, although they can be insured under an individual’s policy. In the case of vandalism, which is an unfortunate fact of life in our society, the cemetery will try to re-erect toppled stonework for the lot holder, but cannot assume responsibility for damage to the stonework or decorations.

Lot Holders Who Have Purchased a Memorial

Sometimes placement is controlled by seasonal conditions. In the winter, the ground is frozen, and it is impossible to place memorials properly. Thus memorials ordered late in the year might not be placed until the following spring and might be somewhat delayed even then because of the backlog of memorials ordered during the winter. Three big visiting days in the spring are Easter, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Placement by Easter is uncertain since the date is changeable. Our dedicated Cemetery staff will try to accommodate all orders by Mother’s Day.

Every Memorial Is a Remembrance of Two Things

First, it is a remembrance of a person very important to those who are placing the memorial. Second, it is a remembrance of the faith and beliefs that person lived by and which brought that person to a Catholic cemetery for his/her place of burial. For these reasons, cemetery regulations require that text or symbols on every memorial be done with dignity and reverence, befitting both to the person and to the religious values that person believed in.

Memorials Are For the Living As Much As For the Dead

They help the living honor those who were dear to them, and they tell a message of love and of faith to all of the thousands who visit our cemeteries.